Fully Loaded Pizza to feed my soul…


I have been getting up later than usual, just feel like hibernating at the moment, getting a little emotional, and my lovely hubby is patiently dealing with it all. Its still early days of Buserelin being in my system. I am not feeling like my usual self. So I am keeping myself busy and am enjoying being at home, using this time to learn more, read books, and work on recipes to share with you all.

I have cut out all meat and dairy products to help ease the symptoms and effects of endometriosis.  It has been going well so far as I am really enjoying eating like this.  I am craving fruit and vegetables so much more.  Having to come up with delicious ways to eat vegan food and to find alternatives to replace dairy and eggs  is actually a very satisfying and tasty adventure!

For lunch today I made a delicious and easy, nutrition packed, vegan pizza.


Fully Loaded Pizza

Lightly grill some gluten free flatbread, I used Warburton’s.

Grill some aubergine slices which have been lightly brushed with coconut oil. Sauté some mushrooms and leeks in a little coconut oil.

Spread about 2 Tbsp of vegan pesto onto the flatbread (I love a brand called Zest available at  Planet Organic which is delicious!) and top with some sliced tomatoes, put back under the grill for a couple of mins.

Then assemble the rest of the pizza by adding the grilled aubergines, mushrooms and leeks, add some thinly sliced red onion and put back under the grill for a couple more mins.  Add some chilli flakes , nutritional yeast and pink himalayan sea salt to taste.

Try it! easy, filling and yummy!!





My First IVF Injections

Its Day 2! after finishing my first post last night, I had my first Injection of Buserelin. Was actually quite a funny experience. I wanted my hubby to do it, he was not with me when the nurse gave me a very brief “how to do your jabs tutorial!”, so I was there trying to explain to him what I could vaguely remember, my wonderful housemate made sure she had read all the instructions (why do men avoid reading the instruction leaflets???)  I then started to feel myself getting nervous, and queasy at the thought of the Buserelin being injected, she started getting very blunt and in her lovely Polish accent started commanding me to stop looking at what they where doing and for hubby to “Stab me quickly with it!!”  It was over with quickly, think we where all relieved and happy with our team work!!  I actually found it ok, my leg felt odd for a while, a little itchy.

I woke up this morning to my hubby telling me how much he loved me, always the best feeling to hear him say that, cause I know his love is unconditional. We prayed together, we really have been making an effort to spend more time in prayer, to put God first, always a great start to the day.

I felt quite tired this morning, not my usual self.  I would normally be up and ready for my HITT training, and have the energy to train again with my Bartendaz crew.  I just pottered about a little, did house work and made sure I had my green smoothie! Those of you who know me will know that a green smoothie every morning without fail has been my breakfast for nearly 3 years now. I will post more about green smoothies and the benefits I have had from them,  I can’t emphasise enough that everyone should have a green smoothie in the morning, make it their daily habit. Your body will love you for it, and you will feel amazing! As soon as I had my green smoothie I felt good, and made my way into the west end for a meeting and a casting. Both went really well.. Lots of exciting things in the pipeline.

Came home, cooked hubby some free range chicken and rice with plenty of veg!, he too has to eat well and be in  the best health, doctors orders and mine!! lol I had my dinner, (am following a vegan based diet while I am on IVF treatment). After dinner it was time for my injection, still felt nervous and hubby was very confident with it today, he told me to kiss him while he did the jab :) I really felt the injection today, was painful and stung so much. Not looking forward to the next one, thank god it is over with quickly!