Green Smoothies Every Day…


I have been drinking Green Smoothies daily for over 3 years.  I was introduced to smoothies when I travelled to LA, where a friend of mine gave me a book on the benefits of drinking smoothies.  I had already been into juicing somewhat, but I was not a great fan of juicing, due to the fact that cleaning the juicer was tedious, the juices where never filling, and generally I found that the green juices I made where not pleasant to drink.  Green smoothies however are filling, quick to make, easy to clean up after, and actually taste great! (The fruit you add will cut through the green taste.)

The health benefits of  green smoothies are endless.  Blending a variety of greens with some fruits, will start the breakdown and release of a vast array of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You also have the added benefit of consuming all the available fibre, which is vital for colon and bowel health.  Your digestive system will love green smoothies, it is easily digested, and all the foods nutrients are readily available for your bodies needs. You will therefore find that you have lots of energy, as your digestive system is not having to work hard.

I find that starting my day with a Green smoothie is so satisfying, I wake up craving a green smoothie! Green smoothies will give you beauty from within.  You will have clearer skin, strong, glossy hair and nails that are strong and grow fast. Managing your weight will also become easier as you are more likely to become more aware of your bodies health and have the desire to continue your day with better food choices.

I recommend a green smoothie everyday to everyone, and I mean everyone!  Its a life changing habit. Your health is precious and this is an easy way to start your own personal health and wellbeing journey.

If you are new to Green Smoothies the recipe bellow should be a good start. As you become more used to the taste of green smoothies, make sure you try other leafy greens such as  kale, swiss chard, lettuce, cavolo nero, its good to change and rotate the greens that you use. Like wise with fruit, be adventurous and adapt the recipe below to suite your palate. You could add also try adding some herbs such as parsley and coriander if you like the taste!


250 ml of either a Non Dairy Milk or Coconut Water (you can use water if you like)

1 medium very ripe banana (using frozen banana helps with the texture and keep smoothie cold)

2 sticks of celery

3 large handfuls of spinach

1  small apple

1 Pear

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Mint leaves

DIRECTIONS: Blend until smooth! Enjoy!!!


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    • Hello hun! I think it was called the Green Smoothie Revolution, will double check that for you as I gave the book to my sister! Being in LA completely inspired me to eat better, I miss LA!!!! The great thing is London is slowly catching up and we have finally some great choices as consumers to find Raw, Vegan, Gluten free, Organic, produce.. and places to eat! looking forward to our Mildred’s date!

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