Day 15 IVF

photo-6  Treatment is going well, I have enjoyed a few long walks with my hubby, which take me to my favourite florist Scarlet and Violet in Kensal Rise. I love flowers, waking up in the mornings to sunshine streaming through my shutters and a colourful bunch of flowers is so pleasurable to me. Colours… how I love this beautiful and colourful world full of nature!  God is my favourite artist/creative of all time!!

Apart from one day of awful pain from my endometriosis I have gotten to Day 15 with ease.  I feel more and more tired as the days go by, a few hot flushes and some random emotional tears, I remain calm and positive, and hopeful as I believe in beautiful promises from God.

My hubby has continued to give me my jabs, which I love. I love him so much.  I have had a few days of work at QVC and was thankful to have Mally Roncal creator and makeup artist of the amazing make up brand Mally Beauty to give me my jab last night at work, I love her so much, a blessing in my life, love her for her passion and love for God and Family.  Mally’s loving ways touch many women…


Today I had my first scan as I am into my monthly cycle, I was given Menopur to take alongside Buserelin. Hubby came with me to the appointment and made sure he got all the instructions to administer the Menopur from our lovely nurse.  He gave me both injections tonight. By telling me he loves me and a kiss with my jabs, he keeps me calm and soothes the pain of the jabs. My thighs are quite sore now from the daily jabs luckily I have plenty of thigh surface area to use and the kisses…

photo-7 My drug stash!!

I have 3 scans booked in for next week. Ovaries and womb will be monitored and I will be given further instructions next week.  So this week I plan to relax, chill on my sofa and get some artwork done as my body gets on with dealing and preparing itself with the drugs.

Was wondering how other women are dealing with their treatment protocols? I have noticed that my appetite has changed.  I have been wanting to eat fruit and not much else.  Indulging in platefuls of fruit sprinkled with cinnamon or delicious coconut yoghurt Coyo with fruit! I am mindful of keeping my calorie intake up and still making sure I get appropriate proteins and fats for my bodies needs.


I have a fridge full of fruit and fertility treatment drugs… 😉

Everyday is a blessing and I hope and pray that for all those who share a similar journey with me continue to take each day with renewed hope and strength.

Time for bed… x



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