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  1. Hi Lala,

    just saw your comment on instagram :)
    Well as I told you I am trying to get in shape for my wedding… there are almost 5 months left till the big day. I have already started with some workouts and nutrition changes. Now I wanted to ask you some little questions. You know, it’s so hard to find someone who gives you simple advices without forcing you to buy some packages or sign a contract for ages.
    – What are your general advices for weight loss?
    – My goal is to loose 8-10 kg within the next 5 months – do you think that is realistic? I am definetely motivated to do anything necessary for my success.
    – What kind of gym schedule do you recommend? How often should I do cardio (and how long) per week? Fyi I am a medical student and also working part time besides my studies… so my week is full of appoinments, therefore I cant follow a fixed schedule easily.
    – I saw so many awesome meals you posted on instagram. Where do u get your ideas from? Because it is really cool and I would love to get to know more of the receipts.

    I thank you lots for your reply in advance and of course for the time you spend on reading this.
    By the way: if you need any help from me (no matter what), I would love to help you. You seem to be such a warm down-to-earth and kind-hearted person. That is so great and unfortunately very rare these days. That is why I really believe you to be sympathic.

    Have a wonderful day dear!
    yours Niro xoxo

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