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I am Nalintha also known as Lala. I am 39 years old and married to my lovely hubby, my best friend for 11 years now.  I am a daughter to the most wonderful parents, a big sister to my brother and sister and also a very proud aunty to the most gorgeous and cheeky Willow!

I would describe myself as a Believer, a daydreamer, a lover and seeker of beauty. I love to capture these precious moments using my iPhone and regular updates on my Instagram. Deep down I am a true artist at heart who secretly longs to paint every day!

I have been blessed to have such a varied career path, from Teaching Art to Interior Design. I am a model/actress. These days my work is more based in the health and fitness industry. I am a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist and in my spare time I still paint and create artworks.

I truly believe that you are what you eat! What you feed your mind body and spirit is a reflection of who you truly are.

I started this blog to share my own personal journey of health, fitness and wellbeing. I hope that I can inspire and help show you that living a healthy, balanced life is so important and not complicated.

Anything is possible if you believe… iBelieve !!

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  1. Hi Lala have just read your blog so far its so lovely. How much I didn’t know about you and there’s still so much more. Your positive nature has always inspired me to be more happy about things in general, thanks for sharing this insight of your life and I look forward to reading more from you :) xxx

    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, and for being the first person to take the time to comment on my blog, I appreciate that. I am so glad to know that you feel inspired, feel passionate that us women must help each other and motivate each other, believe this will be a great place to do it.. love and blessings to you xxx

  2. Hi, Lala! It’s your online friend Lusiana! Omg, i didn’t know we have so much similarities! I’m 38 and a designer interior also. I finished my degree in my country, Indonesia but never worked as a designer here in US. I became enamored with the food world and worked my way till i became a pastry chef. I’m a fulltime mom now but i went to school again in here to be a preschool teacher and just got my first interview yesterday. Hope for the best, maybe i could get my first job as a sub teacher

    • Hello lovely! So interesting how we have these lives and experiences!! I believe the true purpose for us is to share our knowledge and love. I pray that your interview went well. I hope you get the job! beautiful blessings to you my friend… xxx

  3. Hi Lala
    I wanted you to know that your blog is so inspiring!
    I also have endometriosis and will be having IVF in 2 months, reading your blog provides a great insight into what to expect and has made me realise we are not alone in our journey. I see so many similarities, I also love green smoothies 😉 I wish you good luck and keep you in my prayers. Keep on blogging, I look forward to every post :)
    Jo x

    • Hello Jo! this is exactly the reason why I wanted to blog about this journey, I felt alone in my struggle to conceive and it was a secret for years, to find out I had endometriosis gave me the final sign that I was ready to share this journey, in the hope that I too would be encouraged as I share what I know on health, nutrition and wellbeing. So glad to be able to connect with other wonderful women like you, we have a battle but we can see it through together. I am always here to answer any questions that you may have, nutrition and healing is my thing. I have posted a lot on my Instagram account over the years, but here on my blog I will focus on what us ladies need to see this through. I send you my love and prayers too! So happy to hear from you Jo. xxx Lala

  4. Hey Lala :)
    Just read your lovely Blog. You are a gorgeous Woman and also to me (as I am 23 years old) you are a real inspiration. I also love the fact that you are a self-paced and modern Sri Lankan woman (me too). Thumbs up to that! By following you on instagram I was really fascinated how ambitious you are. You are a Person Who Never Gives up. This was a clear statement to me.
    You know, these days I am getting ready to my wedding next february with my love (means I Need some Weight loss). Therefore all your recipes and also posts Really motivate me! Thanks so much for that!! And besides I wish you all the best for your baby wishes with ya hubby. May your dreams come true!! xoxo Nirodya aka MissJaya91

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