I am a Warrior at Heart…

Its been a while since my last post and been a busy week of IVF treatment.

I am so close now to having my fertilised eggs given back to me. I had my final scan on Monday. Was told that egg collection would be on wednesday.  Egg collection was quite uncomfortable and even though I was given sedation and painkillers, I found it painful.  I had the most amazing team throughout the procedure.  Half and hour after the sedation kicked in I was told 11 eggs had been collected.  I went home to recover and was told to wait for my call from the Embryologist.

Yesterday I took that phone call… I was told that 4 eggs had reached fertilisation and that I will be having a day 3 Transfer.  I have had so many emotions, all I want now is to have the transfer, to relax and let my body hold on tight to my precious precious embryos… My heart is speaking constantly to God…



2014-01-05_1388933856 Romania

2 thoughts on “I am a Warrior at Heart…

  1. Thank you for this amazing insight into the process Lala, this is really honest and open of you. Great news about the collection!
    I have held you in my prayers as you go through this journey, especially at this stage in the process.
    Natalie x

    • Dear Natalie,
      Thank you for writing to me. your prayers are greatly appreciated. Makes me feel so humble to the love of god and way he connects and strengthens through the love of people. Thank you so much. god bless you and yours… Lala xx

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